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          Keywords: PEEK fiber/Diameter 0.1mm、 PEEK fiber、 PPS monofilament、 PPS multifilament、 PEEK fiber/Diameter 1.0mm……



          ■  PEEK monofilament

          • PEEK fiber / Diameter 0.1mm
          • PEEK fiber / Diameter 0.2mm
          • PEEK fiber / Diameter 0.3mm
          • PEEK fiber / Diameter 0.4mm
          • PEEK fiber / Diameter 0.5mm
          • PEEK fiber / Diameter 0.6mm
          • PEEK fiber / Diameter 0.7mm
          • PEEK fiber / Diameter 0.8mm
          • PEEK fiber / Diameter 0.9mm
          • PEEK fiber / Diameter 1.0mm

          Product display:

          Product description:

          Monofilament diameter(mm):0.10 0.20 0.30 0.40 0.50 0.60 0.70 0.80 0.90 1.00

          Polyetheretherketone fiber is a wholly aromatic fiber with the presence of ether bonds and ketone bonds, which makes the fiber's high temperature resistance, friction and corrosion resistance much higher than conventional fibers.?Polyetheretherketone fiber is mainly used in aerospace, composite materials for structural components required for weaponry, braided sheath for aerospace high-performance wire and cable, and dry canvas for papermaking machinery in civil fields, heat-resistant filter cloth, Heat resistant and corrosion resistant textile tape, Composite materials (mixed with glass fiber, carbon fiber), high temperature resistant materials for the energy industry.

          Our company started to have industrialized production and can customize different specifications according to customer needs.


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